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Let us help you plan and perform your perfect wedding Ceremony and then the perfect wedding Venue 


Our Beautiful Historic White wedding chapel can accommodate up to 200 guests.

With working Bell tower and Tiffany stained glass windows

Banquet Hall

Our Banquet Hall next to our chapel comes with all the Tables and chairs, Custom Backdrop and custom LED Up Lights.

You can then BYO 


We have parking for over 200 vehicles on our huge front lawn area right on Gulf To Bay Blvd in Clearwater


We have many local hotels all within 1 mile of our location see our web site for links directly to them

The Perfect Wedding Venue

Banquet hall with Custom backdrop and custom LED Uplighting

Choosing a Wedding Venue or Banquet hall in Clearwater, can be a stressful task. After all, if there is one thing, it is that most Floridians want to get married in the Sun. The fact is, that most Floridians get married in a wedding Venue, but most Floridians want to have their wedding at the Perfect Wedding Venue or Banquet hall in Clearwater. Therefore, the question to ask yourself is, how can you have the best of both worlds. How can you have your wedding ceremony in the Sun and reception at the best Wedding Venue for your money?

First of all, you should ask yourself, what is your budget? Whether your budget is high or low, it is best to choose the one venue which gives you the most bang for your buck with many options, For example, We at Fdw Banquet and Wedding Venue offer the best of all worlds with a one stop shop, You get the best price and most bang for your buck. 

            A Beach wedding ceremony

            A Private Waterfront Lawn Ceremony

            A beautiful Historic wedding Chapel 

            An outdoor Reception Location

            An indoor Reception hall either BYO 



Also, you should choose a wedding venue with a scenic setting which is close to the city center of Clearwater. FDW Banquet and Wedding Venue location has the effect of making the city look like a beautiful setting and this means that you will get more guests. We have Free parking for over 200 cars, very easy to find on Gulf To Bay Blvd just east of the Mall, Hotels all around for the out of town guests.  The beach is just 3 miles away, Tampa International airport is just across the bridge, Busch Gardens is 12 miles away, Disney and Sea World are an hour away, everything is to hand
It can also be a good idea to choose a Wedding Venue which is close to everything. For example, that last minute wardrobe malfunction , that missing tie Clearwater Mall is just one minute down the street with David’s Bridal and The Men’s Warehouse. You might want to choose the best Wedding Venue in Clearwater. It is possible to get a large number of people in the venue? Our Wedding Chapel holds close to 100 people , the Private Lawn area as many as you wish, with fabulous waterfront vies of Tampa Bay.
A wedding venue which has the best service is the one which has an excellent service record. We are ALL 5 Star Rated on both Google and Wedding Wire. There are many wedding venues which have a great wedding service and a poor past. If you are planning your wedding, it is best to take time to choose the best Wedding Venue for your buck. There are a number of factors which you need to take into account before choosing a venue for your wedding. The venue should be able to offer you the following things; your ability to work with professionals who have over 30 years in the wedding business, your ability to choose indoor or outdoor facility, to have a ready made back up in case of bad weather, we all know it rains a lot in Florida, your ability to either bring your own décor and food or have everything done for you with a “one stop” All-Inclusive wedding venue in Clearwater.


The perfect wedding venue in Clearwater Florida is one of the most wonderful dream destinations for many couples who want to take their vows in the sun. A beachfront wedding is one of the most romantic and special events you can have as a couple, so it is important to find a venue that will let you have that dream wedding that you will remember forever.

In the Clearwater area there are many gorgeous venues that you can choose from. One of the best places is at the FDW Banquet and Wedding Venue. This is a beautiful waterfront venue. It is a private park that is right next to the ocean, so the natural beauty of the area is definitely stunning. There is an amphitheater area for you to get you ceremony started, then you have the main ceremony area, and then a viewing area for your guests.

We have a large banquet room for you to put your reception after your ceremony. This can be suited to any budget.

FDW Banquet and Wedding Venue can accommodate your wedding party and all of your guests. This is a wonderful venue and it is easily accessible located right on Gulf to Bay Blvd in Clearwater. The venue is easily accessible from the south, north, east, and west. The venue is very easy to get to by air, as well just minutes from Tampa International.

One of the important things to consider when looking for a Clearwater Florida wedding venue is the parking. The venue will have parking, but how many people will be able to get to the wedding and then get to their cars? The venue has ample parking, but how will your guests get to the wedding, then get to the car, and then be able to get home? Parking is a major concern for many couples, especially if they will be having more than 50 guests. We at FDW Banquet and Wedding Venue have parking for over 200 vehicles.

Most couples want their guests to be able to drive to the wedding and then be able to get home easily. This means finding a nearby hotels for them , we have many local hotels all within a mile of us.

FDW Banquet and Wedding Venue has plenty of parking for your guests, and is easy to get to by car. 

You can also combine the wedding Reception with the Ceremony itself. We have a private waterfront lawn area overlooking Tampa bay or just 3 miles down Gulf to Bay Blvd is the incredible Clearwater Beach voted Beats beach in the USA 3 years in a  row
When you are looking at the options available, be sure to ask if the Lawn area, Beach area or Wedding Chapel are available according to your wishes and desires for your Ceremony
We can work with any combination for you 

If you want to combine your wedding with your wedding reception and photography, then that is what we specialize in as we supply a minister and Professional Photographer with just about all our packages. This will make your life easier as our staff know where to take you for the best pictures during and after the ceremony whether in the Chapel, Beach or our Private Lawn area. 


Our Event planners have been in the wedding industry for over 30 years each and are included FREE of Charge for you with all packages.

If you want your wedding to take place on a weekend, then you will need to book your wedding venue on a Saturday or Sunday. These are the most popular days for weddings and the surrounding hotels may not have something for you, its good to check with the local hotels when booking your date with us.

We are owned by a Photography company The TTLStudios who are all professional photographers and have been working together as a team for a min of 10 years up to 20 years so are well versed in wedding and event Photography.
However, you may prefer a full length photo of the wedding ceremony. You should ask the photographer how many photographs they will be able to take. If they are looking for a couple of hours, then it will be good to get a bit of advance booking.

You will need to talk to your photographer about format, size, file format and how long they will be able to work on your wedding. The photographer should be able to provide you with a rough list of files. You will need to discuss these with us, but typically we include Unlimited images all fully edited for you, we also have the ability to create your own APP for you to share with family and friends instantly.